Minute Taking

Minute Taking

Half Day Course

Are you good at taking minutes? Good minute taking is a skill that everyone should learn. Taking minutes means effectively listening to whats actually said at a meeting and recording the key elements, either verbatim or through summarising decisions and actions or creating a narrative. The technique of minute taking is sometimes taken for granted, but it is a skill like any other and takes careful preparation to perform correctly.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Prepare for meetings when they are the minute taker.

  • Identify and overcome common obstacles to effective listening.

  • Note the relevant point from discussions held.

  • Produce a clear, concise and appropriate worded set of minutes.

  • Follow conventions for the format of minutes.

Training Course Contents

This course focuses on a range of practical tips and techniques. Delegates will learn effective meeting preparation, how to listen actively for the key points, how to select and use an appropriate method of note taking, as well as how to write a concise and accurate set of minutes.

The session will include:-

The basic principles of minute taking – Delegates will review the different type of minutes that can be taken, the reasoning behind each and the function of minutes.

Getting prepared for the meeting – A review of the elements that should be considered prior to a meeting. Focusing on any discussions delegates might need to have with relevant people and the information that should be covered. There is also a focus on the different roles of people in the meeting and how this relates to the minute taker.

Agenda preparation – Understanding what makes for a well-planned, effective agenda.

Good listening skills – This is crucial to minute taking, so this segment will review the listening skills of the delagates, look at what barriers there might be to actively listening during meetings and how to overcome these. There is also a review of how to work back from a decision to identify the important elements to record.

Note taking – A review of all the different methods of note taking, the benefits and pitfalls to each and identifying the best type to use.

Writing the minutes – A practical look at  the structure and layout of minutes.

The ABC of good writing – Providing a structured approach to ensuring the minutes are written well and are: Accurate, Brief and Clear.

Narrative minutes – A series of exercises to test and improve narrative writing skills. Finally focusing on how to create an Introduction, Summary, Decision and Action.

Preparing for minute taking practical – A chance to prepare for the practical simulation of a meeting where they will take minutes.

Minute taking practical – Applying the skills they have learnt throughout the day in a practical activity.

Reviewing and checking the minutes – A review of the participants progress with suggested improvements and what worked well.

Who should attend this course?

This course is suitable those who are required to take minutes as part of their job role and those who would like to develop this skill.

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