Manual Handling

Manual Handling General Awareness.

Half Day Open Course

Manual Handling- Lifting and handling is something we do every day, most of the time we don’t think about the risks and the damage that we could bring to ourselves.

Damage, injury and pain due to poor manual handling techniques is only a lift away – even in the safety of your own home you are at risk.

It is estimated that 1.1 million people in Britain suffer from musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) caused or made worse by their current or past work. Often the MSDs are because of manual handling incidents. An estimated 12.3 million working days were lost in one year because of such incidents, with each sufferer taking an average of 20 days off.

Nearly all jobs involve some form of manual handling and the use of poor techniques to move material is the most common cause of injury at work.

This manual handling training course will provide you with an insight into the importance of taking care of your body and in particular your back and neck when lifting, pushing or pulling objects.

It will also be provide you with an understanding of the regulations surrounding manual handling as well as clear techniques and guidance on correct manual handling techniques.


Course objectives

At the end of this course delegates will:

  • Be aware of the dangers they face in the working environment

  • Be able to explain the make-up of and dangers to the spine

  • Be able to assess and approach a lift

  • Be aware of lifting techniques

  • Have practised  lifting techniques in a safe environment

Who should attend this course?

Anyone involved in lifting, pulling or pushing of any kind in the workplace.

Costs include: – tuition, a delegate workbook and an attendance & completion certificate.

Contact us for more details.

Courses can also be delivered as a closed course at your place of work or other suitable venue at time and date convenient to you.


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